Dealing with conflict and ASR (2nd week)

Published: 06/24/2022

Hello again, here's a quick update on my second week with LPython!

What I did this week

It turned out that there were conflicts between my last week's work and the project's upstream, so the first thing I did this week was resolving that conflict. I also found another issue with existing integration tests, so some changes had to be made to make it possible for my work from last week to be submitted.

I also spent time to understand the differences between two AST visitors that build the ASR: a visitor that builds the symbol table and a visitor that transforms the statements.

What is coming up next week

I want to start implementing support to allow the following function declaration with type parameters:

def fun(x: T, y: T) -> T:
  return x+y

Did I get stuck anywhere

I didn't exactly understand the cause of the conflict at the beginning, but consulting with my mentor solved that issue.