GSoC Journey Blog Week 10

Published: 08/21/2022

What did you do this week? 

  1. Covariance and Correlation functions implemented #961 - Open, Ready to be merged

  2. Initial implementation of statistics.mode() #958 - Open, Issues remaining, before merging

  3. Gmean, Hmean expanded for other datatypes #956 - Merged

  4. Sinh & cosh numpy_intrinsic functions implemented #1002 - Open - Need to resolve the bugs

  5. Pvariance and Pstdev functions implemented #1004 - Open, Ready to be merged

  6. Linear Regression function implemented #1005 - Open, Ready to be merged

Did you get stuck anywhere?

Creating tests for numpy intrinsic library took way more time than anticipated. Partly because I had never used numpy before, and partly because of the various errors the code was throwing.

What is coming up next?

I'll finish the open PRs and get them merged, while forking on the tanh, exp and other numpy_intrinsic functions and corresponding tests.