Blog Week 3 (28.06.-02.07.)

Published: 06/28/2021

What did I do this week?

I continued with implementing more features into the pyqtgraph-prototype (scrollbars, bad-channel-selection, keyboard-shortcuts) and I fixed several bugs. To investigate the differences in performance between the pyqtgraph-prototype and a barebone PyQt-Prototype I tried to implement the features from the pyqtgraph-prototype there too (see "Did I get stuck anywhere?"). And I recently contacted the community of pyqtgraph for some feedback on the prototype (and to thank them for their great work).

What is coming up next?

There are still features left, especially in terms of markers and the visualization of Epochs. In accordance with my mentors I will continue with implementing those features into the pyqtgraph-backend as this seems to be a viable option as the final backend.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

Working on the barebone PyQt-Prototype I encountered several challenges which haven't been present while I was working with pyqtgraph. For example I couldn't fit the lines to the view and when I tried shifting the visible lines, it resolved in weird artefacts. It was then more than ever that I realized how many problems are solved by pyqtgraph beforehand and as it took to much time to struggle with those problems I now switched back to working on the pyqtgraph-backend. The original performance problem (activating OpenGL for pyqtgraph) turned out to have a very simple solution so now the performance of the pyqtgraph-backend can be better regardless.