Weekly Check-In Week 6 (12.06.-16.07.)

Published: 07/16/2021

What did I do this week?

During this week I mainly fixed bugs (scrolling, annotations, benchmarks). Some new features included a downsampling-test and channel-colors. As my mentors suggested to refactor the existing matplotlib-backend into a subclass inheriting from an abstract base-class for plotting I read more into the structure of the matplotlib-backend and equivalent backends of MNE-Python.

What is coming up next?

Displaying Epochs is the biggest feature which is still left, so this will be next. The way how epochs-data is handled before display is already implemented in the matplotlib-backend so I will probably benefit from implementing the epochs-display in pyqtgraph while refactoring the epoch-handling methods from the matplotlib-backend.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

At first I struggled a bit on defining what of the existing matplotlib-backend should be refactored and moved into an abstract class, but this could be overcome by consulting my mentors. The refactoring probably will be a side-by-side task now where I refactor the data-management-methods when I need them in the pyqtgraph-backend.