Weekly Check-In Week 8 (26.07.-30.07.)

Published: 07/30/2021

What did I do this week?

As last week this week was about refactoring the existing matplotlib-backend into a new BrowserBase-Class. This time the main-focus was the refactoring of the tests. This included reorganizing the data-import, adding abstract-methods for interaction and adjusting the backend-selection to a get/set/use scheme.
To fix the problem that lines looked different when OpenGL was activated, I opened a PR for pyqtgraph.

What is coming up next?

After finishing the current PR about refactoring the matplotlib-backend, I will soon open a second PR for the integration of the new pyqtgraph-backend into MNE-Python. For this I have to first apply the changes I made to BrowserBase on to the PyQtGraph-Browser-Class and adapt the tests where necessary to make them pass with both possible backends.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

I had some questions about how to refactor the tests (and what pytest-fixtures would have to do with that) which could be resolved by my mentors.