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My First Check-In!

Published: 06/07/2021

Hi! I'm Matias, and this is my first Check-In, on my first participation on the Google Summer of Code program. So, i will answer the three basic questions:  1. What did you do this week? Since I was notificated that I had been selected for the Google Summer of Code program, I started to learn and understand Git. Meanwhile, every saturday, my mentor organizes a meeting for all the students working on this project, in those meetings, we showed our main questions and problems. My mentor showed me a videogame, and i loved it! The game is called "Oh my Git!", and is an Open Source game in which we learn the basic concepts and structures of Git, in a nice graphical way. That was the most intuitive part of learning Git, in my opinion.  2. What is coming up next? I have to test the ___future___ module from Python 2, in order to make it easier to migrate to the Python 3 syntax, and then i will start to migrate it on a serious way. Also i will mark all the issues in order to make it more clear.  3. Did you get stuck anywhere? In some way, I haven't finished to learn the Git and Github dynamics. So, i have to continue working with that, and my mentor will help me on it.
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