Check-In of the First Week

Published: 06/14/2021

Hi! In order to relate what has been done and learned during this first week, I will answer the three basic questions of every weekly check-in:  1. What did you do this week? In order to start migrating the OpenLex project from Python 2 to Python 3, I tried testing Web2Py and OpenLex running it with the Python 3 interpreter, trying to find the points where the software would crash. But my mentor asked me to use an automatic testing script, with playwright and pytest, and I liked those tools. I started publishing the first milestones and a column of To Do in my project. Also I learned some of the __future__ module concepts that will be useful for my migration project.  2. What is coming up next? I will be studying playwright and creating the scripts for my project. I will also try to use other tools for testing, in order to make me sure that there won't be missing things in my testing process.  3. Did you get stuck anywhere? Yes, I didn't have idea about how to properly test the project. I tried testing manually OpenLex in my main web browser, but running web2py with Python 3, in order to look for the points where the environment would crash. But it was a waste of time. Now, with my mentor suggesting me to use the testing tools, now I'm studying playwright, in order to prepare a serious testing environment.