Check-In of the Second Week

Published: 06/22/2021

Hi! In order to relate what has been done and learned during this second week, I will answer the three basic questions of every weekly check-in:  1. What did you do this week? I solved the problem of a proper testing that uses a clean databases directory for testing. At that point, I started making testing scripts in the project (using playwright codegen), and I found some issues that I will publish in my repository in the next hours of the day. Some issues are possibly related to the problem of the old Python 2 code, that I will work on it in this first period of my participation, and others are related to some missing features that I will evaluate to resolve in the second period, where I will start the migration from web2py to py4web.  2. What is coming up next? I will continue testing with playwright scripts, and I will start migration of the Python 2 files that causes the most clear issues during the testing process, and sending the proper issues and PRs on it.  3. Did you get stuck anywhere? Yes, I have no idea about how to proceed with the testing, because I had to manually clean the databases directory, every time I would want to start a testing process. Once that obstacle was overcome, I started to fluidly test the project with Python 3, in order to cause the exceptions that would help me to know the most important Python files to migrate first.