Check-In of the Third Week

Published: 06/29/2021

Hi! In order to relate what has been done and learned during this third week, I will answer the three basic questions of every weekly check-in:  1. What did you do this week? I've finished the creation of the Playwright testing scripts, and I sent my Pull Request for it. I also had to edit the Readme file, because I had to clean the databases directory, making OpenLex without the presence of an example user. The user would have to create their own user, or the developer can use the testing scripts that I made with Playwright, where I put a script for creating an example user. When I was making the testings scripts, I found some exceptions and problems, that I reported by issues in my fork. I still can't find major problems when running OpenLex with Python 3.  2. What is coming up next? Since I haven't found any major issue related with the differences between Python 2 and Python 3, I will start migrating the Python files one by one. Also, my mentor asked me for a bug to fix. I will work on it. Also, if the project start to have major changes, I will test it with the testing scripts, or even I would create new ones.  3. Did you get stuck anywhere? Yes, because in this week, I had to familiarize in a real thing, with Git and Github. So, I spent hours trying to make my project clean, in order to make the commit and the PR.