Sixth Check-In

Published: 08/10/2020

Hello there!

What did I do last week?

It has been a quite fun week for me, given the current state of development and the newly dicovered bugs thanks to pip 20.2 release:

  • Initiate discussion with the maintainers of pip on isolating networking code for late download in parallel (GH-8697)
  • Discuss the UI of parallel download (GH-8698)
  • Log debug information relating lazy wheel decision (GH-8710)
  • Disable caching for range requests (GH-8716)
  • Dedent late download logs (GH-8722)
  • Add a hook for batch downloading (third attempt I think) (GH-8737)
  • Test hash checking for fast-deps (GH-8743)

Did I get stuck anywhere?

Not exactly, everything is going smoothly and I'm feeling awesome!

What is coming up next?

I'll try to solve GH-8697 and GH-8698 within the next few days. I am optimistic that the parallel download prototype will be done within this week.