Coding week #11

Published: 08/23/2019

What did I do this week?

This week I attempted to understand and code the out of sample predictions for the MGWR model which is the third part of my proposal. After a discussion with the mentors I realized the scope of the work to be larger than I had first anticipated. I experimented with the options to implement the algorithm and with the help of the mentors we were able to center down on an approach. This part of the project will be defined as an ongoing part which I will continue to work on beyond the Google Summer of Code period.

What is coming up next?

In the coming week I will work on compiling all the results and work done so far for the Poisson and Binomial models into a Github web-page/s to submit as a work product for the final evaluations.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

No major issues were encountered this week. Through experimentation and discussions I learnt the technique currently used for out of sample predictions for the GWR model which was very interesting 

Looking forward to the progress update next week!