Coding week #8

Published: 07/25/2019

What did I do this week?

This week I read and experimented with the literature on Logistic Regression GAMs. After trying many approaches to model a binomial dependent variable, none of those seem to work to give the expected bandwidths or parameters. Looking forward to the discussion with the mentors to maybe understand the best next steps to resolve the model convergence. Also read and understood the predictions for un-sampled locations in the GWR code and will attempt to resolve the recurring errors and build the prediction model for MGWR.

What is coming up next?

In the coming week I will work on finalizing the approach or way forward for the Logistic Regression within MGWR with the mentors' guidance and build on the final part of the project around predictions.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

The modeling of the binary response variable with MGWR is not resolved and has been a blocker for a little bit. Hoping to find an approach that works with the mentors' advice soon and work further on the predictions with GWR and MGWR.

Looking forward to the progress update next week!