Weekly Check-in #5 [July 05, 2021]

Published: 07/05/2021

Hi everyone,

What did you do this week?

I have completed the use-case example notebook for "Ensemble by stacking". We also figured out issues with the remaining issues with the testing script for notebooks. It seems that we'll be merging it soon. I've started working on an issue which is also a dependency for the use-case example notebook that I am currently working on ie. "Transfer Learning". The issue is to add support for python API for pretrained model wrapper of Pytorch. I have figured out and pushed a solution in a PR awaiting review. I'm discovering use-cases related to "Transfer Learning" and I have made some progress on that as well.

What is coming up next?

I will hopefully get the PR for the issue merged and also complete the Transfer Learning use-case example.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

There were a few complexities with the Pytorch issue but my mentors were kind enough to help me.