Weekly check in [week 7 - 08/07 - 14/07]

Published: 07/19/2019

1. What did you do this week?

  • This week I did principally three things: I studied the REST API, I created a random issue generator and started creating a command-line interface. I studied a bit more the REST API, specifically I studied the implementation that is used in Roundup, since I will have to work with it later. I also created a new section in the website where a developer can generate any number of random new issues, this will be very useful to help with testing later (and probably will be useful to other developers in the future). Last I started creating a command-line interface to access the tracker; I'm still in the early stages of development, and I'm still planning exactly how to implement this feature, and I also need to take in consideration that some sort of command-line access is already present in Roundup.

2. What is coming up next?

  • In the next week I will finish the command-line interface, and I will start work on two new features for the site: a statistic page (the exact details that will be shown in this page still need to be defined) and a new ways of ordering the issues in the main page, as the current implementation is a bit lacking. Eventually a customizable dashboard will be added, but this idea needs to be discussed a bit more.

3. Did you get stuck anywhere?

  • I didn't necessarily got stuck, but I had some difficulties understanding the way Roundup works on a code level, with the added difficulty understanding the changes made in the bpo instance. I had to this as the work now on is not concentrated anymore only on the front-end but also on the back-end.