Weekly blog post 15

Published: 09/11/2023

What did you do this week?

This week, I dedicated time to addressing the comments in PR #1974 and referred to boa documentation for additional fixes. I carefully reviewed the feedback, making necessary adjustments to improve the project. This process allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the project requirements and implement more effective solutions based on the documentation's guidance.

What is coming up next?

I hope to further address the comments that I am currently working on, and afterward, I intend to proceed to address the task of transitioning from our currently self-created certificates, which are suitable for development purposes, to using certificates signed by a recognized authority. As part of this transition, we need to implement an option to "disable" unsigned certificates, or alternatively, set the default behavior to "always" use authority-signed certificates while allowing developers the option to disable this feature. This change is crucial because, with the default setting, a certificate can potentially be self-signed and lacks checks for its expiration or alignment with the authority's certificate chain.

Did you get stuck anywhere?