Weekly blog post 3

Published: 06/18/2023

What did you do this week?

I primarily worked on setting up the Identity Provider (IdP) and Service Provider (SP) for the local MSS using pysaml2. Additionally, I addressed my mentor's feedback and learned how to maintain code quality and adhere to copyright policies specific to the MSS. Simultaneously, I encountered an issue with the pysaml2 library while configuring the local identity provider for our MSS. Consequently, I created a corresponding issue to propose and implement the necessary fixes for this particular functionality, enabling the seamless integration of our local identity provider into the MSS. Through this experience, I gained valuable insights into IdP/SP setup, code maintenance, and issue tracking in relation to the MSS.

What is coming up next?

Looking ahead, my immediate objective is to embark on the process of replicating the necessary steps for testing local identity provider. Simultaneously, in the upcoming week, I am eager to begin configuring the MSS collaboration server with our local identity provider. This crucial undertaking will greatly enhance the integration and functionality of our system. I am enthusiastic about these upcoming tasks and the progress we will make.

Did you get stuck anywhere?