Final week

Published: 08/27/2019

What did you do this week?

With the coding period coming to an end, this week I've wound down coding and focused on writing up my final work submission. This means I've been looking back at the work I've been doing; reading through my old PRs and comparing against my project's original goals.

My original proposal focused solely on adding backend support to scipy.fftpack, yet the scope of my work over the past 3 months was not limited there. The resulting scipy.fft subpackage is a complete rewrite of scipy.fftpack from the ground-up featuring not just the backend system but also an improved interface and the replacement of FFTPACK with pypocketfft under the hood.

My contributions were also not just limited to SciPy; I've also made contributed to pypocketfft, uarray, pyFFTW and cupy. I've really enjoyed getting to collaborate with this range of open source projects and am very pleased with how my work has gone over GSoC. I would thoroughly recommend that any students interested in open source software should consider doing a project themself.