Hello World!

Published: 05/28/2019

Hello, my name is Peter from the UK where I'm studing computational physics. I've used scipy a lot throughout my degree and through my participation in GSoC, I hope to return the favour! Over the summer I'll be working to enhance scipy's fast-fourier transform (fft) library.  This will include the ability for  users to supply their own implementations at run time.

Initially, this was just going to be a new backend system for the existing module scipy.fftpack. Over the past few weeks, I've already had lots of great discussion with the community; both on the mailing list (SciPy-Dev) and on GitHub in a related issue. From this discussion, the project has now evolved into creating a new module scipy.fft which will now also have:

  • support for multiple backends
  • default to using pocketfft for improved performance and accuray
  • an interface that matches better with numpy.fft

The next steps will be to draft up the interface to scipy.fft with the new default implementation. This will no doubt be iterated on in a pull request on github. Once that gets merged, I should be in a good place to start implementing support for different backends.