So long, FFTPACK

Published: 07/29/2019

What did you do this week?

Perhaps the most significant task this week was completely removing the fortran FFTPACK code from SciPy and rewriting scipy.fftpack using scipy.fft's pocketfft backend. This drastically simplifies the code with a diff of -8,856 lines of code.

I've also made a number of smaller improvements to scipy.fft as well as a significant performance improvement to scipy.signal.fftconvolve.

The first scipy.fft backend has also been created after my pyFFTW PR was merged this week. This means that SciPy users can accelerate their FFT transforms with all of pyFFTW's features using nothing more than a few function calls.

What is coming up next?

  • Adding a CuPy backend for scipy.fft
  • Implementing efficient shape-changing transforms in pypocketfft
  • Writing tests for the pyFFTW real-to-real transforms PR
  • Adding the ability to query active backends for uarray

Did you get stuck anywhere?

No blockers this week.