Published: 06/03/2019

What did I do this week?

As planned, I set up the mscolab project. I decided to use 2 libraries to handle web-sockets, python-socketio for client side connection handling and a more specific flask-socketio from the same author, to develop an integrated socket server with Flask. I created migrations for the schemas defined, and setup basic authentication handlers.  To check the socket connections, I wrote a html and another python client. I have successfully developed my proposed functionalities till 06/05/2019.

What is coming up next?

For the first part of my next week, i.e 4th and 5th I'd be working on cleaning of my code, restructuring it, and integrating tests for the same. I have asked my mentor to conduct my first review on 5th of June. After that, I'll be working more on socket APIs and handlers, some major functionalities to be developed and tested are

  • rooms: for each project, there'd be a room. For each change emitted to the room, it has to be sent to users in that room.
  • Besides that functionality, the addition and removal of users in and out of the room should be done.
  • events the events should be classified and developed to facilitate chat/file i/o functionalities

Did I get stuck anywhere?

Since I am new to Flask, I haven't been able to structure the database interaction of the app. For now, I am using a Mysql library which you can use to write direct SQL queries. As a part of refactoring in the next two days, I am working on integrating an ORM. The authentication part is also very basic, I will look again on improve it before 5th.