Week 1 : The motion builds...

Published: 06/14/2021

Hey there, everyone! The first week has been over and hence the momentum to code has been started to build up. And so is the excitement. This threshold week taught me about the various requisites needed for the smooth execution of the project work. I plunged into using different tools and tried them out for this week's planned work. It was quite of a journey to just start out and I am happy I even experienced some mistakes that taught me something and made me more capable, eventually.

What did I do this week?

Basically speaking, I made a simple screen recorder using opencv and numpy along with different more modules for recording my automated scripts. It was completely a new part added to the codebase. Along with that I was working in parallel to make my first automated tutorial script ("How to activate a flight track and deal with waypoints. ") which is still to be completed.

What is coming up next?

I will be assessing the screen recorder based upon it's performance in recording the automated scripts and making changes to it wherever needed. I will experiment with different FPS, codecs and other such parameters while writing the videos. I will also test it on other operating systems to make it cross-platform and even more better.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

Yeah, I faced a lot of problems understanding the different codecs, frame rate, screen refresh rates and other important parameters in video writing with opencv. But with opencv's documentation and online help, I found my way out through it. Moreover, the regular weekly meet-ups with mentors provide a great help in clarifying the doubts and instill within me a sense of confidence of doing the things.