Week 10 : Term Finale

Published: 08/23/2021

Hey there, guys! Hope you all are doing well.

Finally, the day has come which can be technically termed as the final week of the Google Summer of Code 2021. It was just in a flash when I had written the zeroth blog and this is the eleventh, that I am writing now. So many things have come up, so many things have been handled and so many things are there that I have learnt. But one thing is for sure, that I am going to cherish this time all along my life. GSoC has been like a true experience for me! The people that I interacted with, the amazing mentors that I have and the one-of-its-type journey that I went through, was superb.

What did I do this week?

This week I ran the last mile like the fastest runner, as it seems. There were a lot of things that I did which I never imagined I can do in a week.

The first being that I had written the descriptions in .txt files for each of the tutorial that was made, explaining what is happening in the tutorial and the purpose of the tutorial giving the user a comprehensive idea of what the particular feature that the tutorial denoted was all about. The text files were written in English.

Next, I created the audio module which helped in the automatic generation of audio files from that text. It could be used to translate the text to any major available language (the languages that the translation API supports) from English. Next, the translated text can be converted to speech using text-to-speech APIs. Also, the user has an option of changing an API according to his/her choice and liking.

Finally, I created the tutorials.rst file for filing all the documentations and making an user manual of how to use or develop the tutorial features in MSS.

I fixed the bugs in some files and ameliorated the typos in some files.

Also, I submitted my final evaluation with a link to my work that has been done during the period.

What is coming up next?

Nothing much, I guess. This is the end of the coding period and all the code submissions have been done. Next, there is mentor evaluations and result declaration.

End Note and Acknowledgements

The GSoC period has been almost over and all the submissions already done. I have completed almost all the goals outlined originally in my proposal but some minor things have been left out to do like mixing of the generated audios into the tutorial videos, linking the tutorials in the main UI by uploading to Youtube and by changing the main MSUI UI for the same. Sometimes, there are time constraints for certain things but I am a happy that I had developed the tutorials to a much major extent and that it can be used by people.

There are many valuable learnings and and an uncountable number of assets that got added up to my skill sets due to this accomplished journey. I am very much thankful to my mentors Reimar Bauer, May Bär, Jörn Ungermann, Tanish Grover, and Christian Rolf for their extended support and guidance. I would always love to work with them post GSoC and continue to improve the tutorials features of MSS.

You can find more about my work at this Github Wiki and you can see the automated tutorials that have been generated on a public share, here !

You can also see the documentation right at this place !

Thankyou everyone for staying together, all this while!