Week 4 : Improvements.

Published: 07/05/2021

Hi there everyone :) Whether you create or develop something, there is always a scope for improvements and changes. From time to time you have to introspect in the code making it better and obviously, the mentors' suggestions are always a cherry on the top.

What did I do this week?

This week I have started exploring the 'Web Map Service' section more closely and with details. We were planning to include it next in the automated tutorials. But before that, the memory occupancy of the generated videos has to be scrutinized and reduced as they were bigger in sizes since some people have really 4K and 8K screens while recording. So, I was exploring how to restrict the recording region. Moreover, I was exploring and working to implement PyVirtualDisplay along with automating the WMS tutorials to make the user experience better PyVirtualDisplay creates a virtual display for the user.

What is coming up next?

The next work is around implementing the PyVirtualDisplay module in the existing tutorials and also finishing the web map service tutorial automation.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

The locateOnScreen function of PyAutoGui was a bit of trouble in the progress since a little change in the pixels prompted it not to locate the image. But I uncovered various parameters it uses such as confidence, grayscale, etc. which helps in increasing or decreasing the accuracy with which it locates the image.