Week 13: Addenum and Capstone

Published: 08/23/2023


This is my last week working on d-SEAMS and my freshly minted `pyseams` project as a GSoC student for 2023. I have been working on polishing up my PRs so they can be merged and finalizing my work product. It has been a pleasure to share my progress with the community each week. Moreover, I've been discussing the design of `d-SEAMS`, which my mentor tells me is a good sign of taking responsibility. This has been my first project in the public eye, and it has truly been a pleasure..

For my final report, I opted for a Github Gist:


I plan to keep revising this for a while now, with inputs from my mentor as well.

Issues Opened

- RFC: Removing lua bindings

PRs Merged

- BLD: Work on MacOS, use as a subproject