Phase 2 - Weekly Check-in 6

Published: 07/06/2020

End of Week 5  - 06/07/2020

The first phase of GSoC ended and I'm very happy that I passed my first evaluation! At the beginning I was scared and unsure about a lot of things but I was able to make it through thanks to the very supportive mentors and fellow students who helped me! I always tried to give my best in any kind of task and I will continue giving my best in the upcoming weeks!

What did you do this week?

This week was a little slow but I did a lot of research on how we can get better accuracy with traditional Computer Vision techniques and what all processing operations are important to achieve this.

What is coming up next?

Next task is to discuss with my mentors and suggest on how the project will be going forward in this phase! I will be adding image processing operations if necessary and will discuss on the possibility of adding deep learning or OpenCV based models to get the best results while doing different computer vision tasks.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

As I was busy making my road-map ahead for the second phase, so I didn't have any major places I got stuck except some errors related to OpenCV functions but I eventually fixed them or went into the depths of internet to find the solution. :P

Thank you for reading!