The Final Week - Weekly Check-in 13

Published: 08/24/2020

End of Week 12  - 24/08/2020

What did you do this week?

I added Entrypoints for loss functions in PyTorch to expose their parameters for tweaking. The optimizer functions in the official PyTorch library don't have parameter annotations as they are still working on adding annotations to everything in the PyTorch library, so I will be adding PyTorch optimizer entrypoints when a new torch release comes out! Now onto the final report! :D 

What is coming up next?

As the coding period has officially ended, I will be writing my Final Submission Report this week!

Did you get stuck anywhere?

I got stuck with the entrypoint loading in DFFML while adding options to choose loss and optimizer functions and tweak their parameters. After discussion with the mentor we figured out and solved the problem!

Thank you for reading!