Weekly Blog Post #1

Published: 06/26/2022

Hi, I'm Sarthak Kundra AKA Sam Hawkz. A final year CS undergrad and a frontend developer from Delhi, India. I am working with EOS Design Systems during Google Summer of Code 2022 as a student contributor. My project revolves around enhancing the developer experience for EOS User Story by writing documentation on how organisations / individuals can get up and running with a private instance of it for their personal use.

What did I do this week?

This week was mainly utilised in narrowing down the scope of the project and running a local instance of user story with both the frontend and backend repositories running. I had a smooth ride initially because the frontend codebase is very well documented and quite straightforward. Moving ahead, I setup the backend codebase. Since, I was not familiar with Strapi (a headless CMS). I also used this time to learn that. This Youtube video and Strapi's official documentation were quite helpful. 

While setting up the backend codebase, I couldn't get it to interact with my MongoDB cluster. After some debugging I came to the conclusion that it was happening due to an old version of MongoDB installed in my system. After carefully removing it and installing the latest community LTS version i.e. 5.0.0 . I was able to get the backend up and running as well with all the actions like creating users, creating stories, commenting on stories working as well. 

What is coming up next?

I've started writing documentation on how to setup the backend and am planning to complete it by the end of this week.

Did I get stuck anywhere?
Currently I'm stuck on integrating the backend and the frontend. For some reason my frontend is trying to access an endpoint at a wrong port. I'm currently trying to debug that with some help from my mentors.