Weekly Blog Post #2

Published: 07/15/2022

Hola readers! This blog will summarise my second week of Google Summer of Code with EOS Design Systems.

What did I do this week?

As planned, I finished the draft documentation for setting up the entire User-Story project (backend and frontend) this week. I have sent it for an official review. Some of the blockers in the process were of course the lack of prior documentation due to which I had to understand a lot of things by diving into the code or the internet. Apart from that thinking of edge cases or problems that users might face in setting up the project took some time, I talked to 3-4 people who are into FOSS and asked them to set up the project locally. I got on a call with them and understood the potential pitfalls and doubts that they had. I also added a troubleshooting guide for the same.

What is coming up next?

This week I plan to submit some draft wireframes for the user-story landing page and get on a call with the maintainers for a review. Post that I will try to have a draft design approved so that I can start working on it from the next week.

Did I get stuck anywhere? 

Not really. Thinking of the pitfalls and user interviews took some time.