Weekly Summary #8

Published: 07/15/2019

Hello everyone! 


What did you do?

In this week i was working on the deployment of travis for the implementation of continuous integration in the project, some problems were fixed in the initial file of travis.

What are you going to do?

I will finish with the deployment of travis and will continue to perform tests and modifications suggested  to the project code

What problems did you have?

So far I could see Travis CI in a great tool for the development of the code, but so far the tests I can not run on their platform the same as in linux and windows, the problem is that the tests require a initial authorization that generates a valid access ticket with 12 hours of duration once obtained is saved in cache folder, with this you can run clients of web services, and each test with this authorization performs processes within the servers such as the generation of invoices, consultations, etc.
But for this AT to be generated, it needs to go through a process to give it the proper format for the initial web service to accept it, for which initially an RSA key and an x509 certificate are needed. which travis I can not get me to take to generate the AT.
It's probably a security protection issue in Travis.


Regards and Good Week!