Thirteenth week of GSoC: Final Checkin

Published: 08/24/2019

1. What did you do this week?

I have compiled a list for week 13 in my changelog here:

This was the final week of my GSoC 2019. I have written a final report here:

2. What is coming up next?

Next up I will focus on my PhD work, hopefully making use of many of the features I helped to bring about!

I am sure that this will also entail making many bug reports, ... and fixing them. Although it will probably take a longer time, because the focused GSoC time is over for now.

3. Did you get stuck anywhere?

This week, we had many discussions on digitized position data of electrophysiology sensors. This discussion eventually lead into whether we want to support template data in BIDS at all ... or whether BIDS should be just for true, measured data.