Inches closer to the GSOC’20 finish line

Published: 08/17/2020

Our sweet GSOC family literally coded the summer away with some of the best developers from around the world always ready to hold our hand in case we loose balance. Now the hardest week has come. Its time to say goodbye and I am not able to get over it. The end is getting closer as you read this but my heart is not designed to close the best doors so easily. My brain is full of brand new ideas to implement after the GSOC timeline. For now lets check out my latest patches which got merged this week.

What did I do this week?

We made a decision that we should polish and test the existing features before adding new ones so that we can find and fix bugs if any.

What is coming up next?

This is officially the last week of GSOC’20. I will make a final report for my project and get it reviewed from my awesome mentors.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

I firmly believe that as a developer if you are not stuck then you have not seen enough.