Weekly Check-In | Gsoc'2020 | #5

Published: 06/29/2020

Greetings, People of the world!

Fourth week of GSOC was slightly different than what I wanted it to be like. My struggle with a stable internet connection and area lockdown due to COVID19 precautionary measures were just too overwhelming , Though its been a while with this struggle but things were at a peak this week and I couldnt make a PR until saturday when things calmed a little. And that was a slight relief.

1. What did you do this week?

This week I added colour customization and SVG download after customisation feature in the Icons picker API. Along with this I got all the use cases reviewed so I can start working on the features on a better planned manner. I wanted to added more features but things around weren't going as planned.


2. What is coming up next?

This week I will first complete the Front end for the previously added customisation feature in icons picker API and then work on adding flip and rotate on the APi and build the Front end for the same simultaneously.


3. Did you get stuck anywhere?

Yes I did but, I  got stuck with things around me rather than getting stuck with anything related to GSOC. Though I will try to give my best, now that I feel I really need to push my limits and not let anything affect my GSOC journey.