week2 Blog - 5thJune

Published: 06/05/2023

What I did this week: 

I worked through this research paper, and found some relevant facts to the tasks at hand, such as the different sources of kurtosis. One other important fact I found out was that, DDE comprises 2 diffusion encoding modules chracterized by differnet q-vectors (q1 and q2 ) and diffusion times. This fact is important because, CTI approach is based on DDE's cumulant expansion, and the signal is expressed in terms of 5 unique second and fourth-order tensors. I also found out about how the synthetic signals could be created using 2 different scenarios, which comprises of a mix of Gaussian components and a mix of Gaussian and/or restricted compartments. 
The major time I spent this week was in creating synthetic signals, and therefore in creating simulations.

What's coming up next week:

I intend on finishing the simulations with appropriate documentation and theory lines. If time permits, I'll resume working on the cti.py file and it's tests section.

Did I get stuck: 

I didn't get stuck, however it did take me a while to go through all the code that I could possibly be needing in my simulations, and also in understanding the theory behind those codes.