Blog Post #4

Published: 08/01/2021

The Past Week

My University classes have finally began and with that, placement season as well so I am kinda getting behind my schedule. Though I managed to write tests for file-size and duration batch delivery triggers. As these are soft limits, creating tests for them was tricky.

Work Done So Far

The added triggers are called soft limits because the limits are only checked when an item is scraped. So the triggers will not always be triggered accurately. I was a little unsure how to proceed with the tests but I affirmed with my mentor's suggestion and proceeded with that. So tests for soft limits can have 3 different general cases(presuming we have 2 total items): i) when the limit is zero(so no limits are imposed), ii) the smallest unit is the limit(so only 1 item is accepted), iii) when the limit causes at most 1 item per batch iv) when the limit causes at most 2 items per batch.

Work Ahead

I have yet to add tests for custom batch triggers. With addition of documentations I will finalize my soft limit triggers. After that I will have to convert the soft limits to hard ones.