GSoC Week 2: except Exception as opportunity_to_learn:

Published: 06/08/2020

What I did this week?

I was working on the HTML Report genration process. For that I have to do some changes in the and some modificatioins in the structure of the code. We also figured out the confusion in the "product" and "package" naming conventions. So now we are using product everywhere except for the packages that are downloaded from the internet. Also I looked for other libraries for chart generation beacuse the one that we were using currently ("Pygal") is not being maintained. I'm currently testing Plotly and see if that can solve our problem.  

What is coming up next?

After I have worked on HTML Report generation I'll work on Adding Color to the console output. And other smaller changes in the HTML Report Like adding a filter property. 

Have I got stuck anywhere?

I was using pygal to generate SVG Charts but then Jhon said pygal is not being maintained and we must use something that is maintained and tested. But this helped me realize the importance of a maintained project. So I excepted this exception as opportunity to learn.