Weekly Check-In #10

Published: 08/26/2019

What did I do in these two weeks?

There were a lot of bugs posted, kind of like the last set of major fixes that we need to make.

  1. be able to add gsoc_year
  2. add username to password reset email
  3. prepopulate have you partisipated before
  4. 'Settings' object has no attribute 'ADMIN_EMAIL' on suborg form since we removed that key
  5. github username for org admins/mentors
  6. add additional org admins as part of suborg form
  7. cut out top part of suborg form
  8. make a pr on suborg submit, dont auto commit
  9. cookie notice
  10. add mentors/suborg admins button
  11. add psf privacy policy
  12. checkbox on signing up for PSF terms and another for "opt-in to receive emails"
  13. nuke all student users unless they click a link in an email, ie remove email name etc then readd with get request if they click at end of gsoc (gdpr)

In this week we mostly worked on all of these. Terri posted some issues with the comment notification emails that we had totally overlooked. I fixed those too. We also worked on fixing the existing feed and adding blog wise feeds for every blog.

What's next?

Publishing the final report and making some final changes to improve the accessibility of the site, like fixing the contrast ratios, etc.