Blog #3

Published: 07/09/2019

In the past week, I have started working on phase 2 of my project and wrapping up phase 1.

For phase 2 of my project, after having a discussion with my mentor, I learnt docker and mysql and set up a mysql docker container. Once that was done i was going through the example in the code base which had a demoapp that interacts with MariaDb similar to mysql. I tried understanding the code and planned on how to approach the next phase.

For my previous phase, implementing Label for CSVSource caused a problem in merging. So my mentor and I discussed it and i tuned the logic a bit. Once the test_merge is fixed, I'll have to implement the same for CSVSource again.

This week also had the first evaluation. I have passed it and received good feedback from my mentor. I'll work towards it and hoping to add more test cases in future!