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Published: 07/22/2019

In the past week, I was working on the second phase of the project. My mentor had reviewed the PR and suggested changes.

For phase 2 of my project, I set up a mysql docker container. The source from the mysqldatabases can be sent to the models so that they can be trained and the trained data can be again dumped into the database. My mentor had suggested changes and make it more optimised and cover all the edge cases. One such change was adding an argument to get the order in which the columns are arranged so that we maintain the same while getting queries from the user. Also I had to make sure that mysql injection should not be possile. For more security, I also added an additional SSL parameter while making the connection to the database using aiomysql. For testing purpose, I added a self-signed certificate. We need to improve more on this so that we can ask the user to input the path to the certificate.

Once mysql source is done, I'll be exploring Hadoop source. Looking forward to it! 

Outsourced IT
What Are Outsourced IT Services?
Redistributed IT administrations are the point at which you employ
an outside organization to deal with your IT needs. An outsider
oversaw specialist organization (MSP) can cover everything from the security of systems and the usage of working
frameworks to the establishment of programming and the reinforcement
of documents.

Note that re-appropriated IT administrations are not simply break/fix administrations.
A break/fix specialist comes to you when something
is broken, charging an hourly expense to analyze and fix the issue.
A break/fix administration may appear to be more affordable since you possibly
pay when you have an issue, yet it’s probably going to be all the more exorbitant over the long haul.
They have next to zero motivator to work rapidly or cause
a steady fix since they to get paid more in the event that
it requires them a long investment or different excursions to fix

In contrast to break/fix
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