Weekly Check-in #0

Published: 05/24/2019

Hola Amigos! I'm Sudharsana K J L from Tamil Nadu, India. I'll be contributing to DFFML. To know more about this cool project visit here.

What did I do this week?

During the community bonding period, the timing for our weekly catch up meetings was decided and I've had two calls with my mentor already in which we discussed about the project and about my proposal and how it could be achieved. A lot of things have changed in the code base since i wrote the proposal, so i spent my time this week trying to understand the code changes. I've also moved to a new house, so things have been pretty tight with the packing and unpacking. During the sessions with my mentor, he explained me and my fellow GSoC'er Yash about the new additions in the code and how it helps improve DFFML. The past week, I've been trying to understand and figure out how to add the feature I'm gonna work on.

What is coming up next?

With the coding session starting next week, I'll be working on adding the initial part of the feature. This will help me get a clear idea of how to proceed with the other features I'm hoping to add.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

I was stuck on understanding the new code and the working of few classes but my mentor is very active and responds to my silly queries patiently and helps me in getting to know the project better.