Weekly Check-in #3

Published: 06/19/2019

In the third week of coding, I worked on fixing the PR and moved on to work in the next type of source. 

What did I do this week?

In this week, my PR was successfully merged and closed. Once that was done, u started working on implementing labels for another type of FileSource namely CSVSource. Before I could directly start working on the feature, I had to fix an issue which was related to it. The issue can be found here. I submitted a PR to fix this issue and that can be found here. The PR was successfully merged and closed. 

What is coming up next?

My mentor decided to go in a different approach to solve the issue that I had been working on since the current approach required FileSource to be changed directly. I'm working on it.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

This week was quite smooth. Now that I have a good understanding of the code base and what has to be done to fix the issue, I didn't face any blocks as such.