Week 0

Published: 06/01/2023


This week marks the final week before the official coding period of GSoC. As I prepare for the exciting journey ahead, I have been focused on ensuring that my environment is set up and ready to go for the coding period. Additionally, I have been working on creating milestones and setting deadlines for each of them to keep myself on track throughout the project.

One of the challenges I encountered during this preparation phase was figuring out how to develop a component that utilizes pyscript to run Python code in a web environment generated by runestone. This required me to dive into the documentation and experiment with different approaches.

In addition to the core functionality, I have also been actively addressing other aspects of the project. For instance, I made changes to the codebase to suppress warnings and resolved issues related to duplicate IDs.

Throughout this week, I have been actively engaging with the community through the project's IRC channel. This platform has provided me with valuable opportunities to discuss my work, seek guidance from experienced members, and exchange ideas on the best approaches to tackle challenges that may arise during the coding period.

As the official coding period approaches, I am excited to dive into the project and start implementing the planned milestones. I am confident that the solid foundation I have laid out during this preparatory phase will contribute to the success of the upcoming weeks.

Stay tuned for the next blog update as I share my progress and experiences during the initial phase of the coding period.