Week #3

Published: 06/18/2023

Hey there, awesome readers! Welcome back to another weekly update on my exciting GSoC journey.

What I Accomplished This Week

This week has been quite productive and rewarding! I started off by making a significant contribution with a pull request (PR #2) in the RunestoneComponents repository. This PR introduces the functionality to customize the height of the output div component. This enhancement will greatly improve the interactivity of pygame exercises. Previously, the height was hardcoded, but I modified it to accept input from the rst, providing more flexibility.

In addition to that, I had been working on a draft pull request (PR #285) in the PyZombis repository. I'm excited to share that I successfully completed it! One of the highlights of this PR was writing unit tests, which had a slightly different approach compared to traditional unittests. It was a great learning experience, and I'm thrilled with the outcome.

Another task I tackled this week was preparing PR #286 in the PyZombis repository. I invested time in writing comprehensive tests for this PR as well. Once this PR gets merged, it will address Issue #248 and contribute to the overall improvement of the project.


Did I get stuck somewhere

Although progress was steady, I encountered a couple of obstacles along the way. While working on PR #2, I faced sudden errors that left me puzzled. However, I persisted and worked diligently to identify the root cause and fix the issue. Thanks to my determination, I managed to overcome the challenges and ensure the PR was in a stable state.

The other challenge came with PR #286. The Python version it relies on is 3.6, which has certain limitations in the re - regex module. It required careful consideration and creativity to work within those limitations. Nevertheless, I embraced the challenge, explored alternative solutions, and ultimately achieved success.


What's Next

Looking ahead, my focus for the upcoming weeks is to address any existing bugs in the PRs I've worked on. So, I'll dedicate time to thoroughly test and fine-tune the code to iron out any issues.

Additionally, I'm excited to take on a new challenge: developing the PyScript repl component for Runestone. This will involve creating a dynamic environment where users can experiment and interact with Python code. I'm eager to dive into this task and explore the possibilities it offers.