Weekly Blog Post | GSOC'21 | #6

Published: 07/12/2021

Hey folks. Hope you are doing well. So we are almost half way through this awesome program.

Implementing file attachments for New story and comments

This week me and my GSOC partner @Harshita Mangla alongwith our amazing mentor @Aditya Sharma worked on implementing support for file attachment feature while creating New Story, and posting comments and comment replies. Implementing the file upload feature required us to figure out the way to handle multipart/form-data in strapi. You can read more about implementing file upload in strapi here. Our mentor helped us setup the file upload feature when creating a New Story. Then we worked on implementing file uploads for comment and comment replies. Here is the link to an article that I referred to, while styling the file input. Apart from that we worked on refactoring that part of code and adding more details to the UI so that the user can add/remove files as per their wish. And here is the link to the final PR.

What's coming up next?

Since the file uploads was a high priority feature, we decided to finish it first. So, I had paused my work on the refactoring of Home.js, MyStories.js and Profile.js and shareable links for search results feature during this week. So I will start working on it next, once the file uploads feature is finalised.

So that's all for this blog post. Have a great day.