Blog #22

Published: 11/15/2022


I’m really excited as this is my last week of coding for this program although I'm going to miss writing my blogs. As I write this now, I feel overwhelmed and happy to look back on the wonderful journey. Getting on to what I did the previous week, I completed building the CLI tool, wrote the documentation and a few tests. I was stuck for a while during the local build but my mentors helped me with that. I’m currently writing the GSoC final evaluation report and also trying the local build to check if everything works fine. In the coming weeks, you won’t see any weekly blogs from my side but I’ll continue contributing to MSS and work on the stretch goals. All said and done, I want to thank Google, Python Software Foundation, my awesome mentors, my friend Anand and family for all the support. This journey wouldn’t have been successful without you all!

: )