Blog #8

Published: 08/10/2022

This week I worked on plotting linear views. It was more challenging than refactoring top and side views as there was no prototype script available. My mentors gave me some idea about linear views and how it is different from the top and side views. It helped with the understanding of the same and I also took inspiration from the top and side view scripts too. While working on linear view, I got stuck for a while in a part where the script gets xml files from the server and in plotting the data. The former was a silly mistake which a friend of mine made me realise and I figured out the second one after using a debugger and spending some time to understand the methods being called.

After completing the linear view, I pushed the commits and asked my mentors for feedback. They found it good . In the coming week, I’ll be working on creating a module in which the top, side and linear views would be structured into classes and its associated methods.

: )