Coding Period : Week 5

Published: 06/30/2019

Hey everyone !  This is the update of what I did this week. This week I got my API and its extended cases committed. Also, I completed the implementation of hg abort and pushed the patches for review.

What did I do this week?

This week as stated previous blog I completed the implementation for hg abort and included shelve and merge in the plan. Also, I refined my patches and send them to Phabricator in a well-divided format.
In this period I also got my state detection API committed to the Mercurial repo. It's extended cases suggest by @martinvonz were dealt with and it was my patches were finally merged. I also updated the release notes regarding that. This marks an official end to the first sub-task that was the task of the unification of state detection APIs.

What is coming up next?

The coming week I am planning to get all of the patches for hg abort approved and update the patches according to the reviews. There might be a lot of new features that might be needed to be added to that as hg abort is still in its underdeveloped stage.
I will also work parallelly on
hg continue and see if I can prototype it.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

I faced some problem when I was trying to include merge in the hg abort plan. Though it took some time, I was able to figure out the workflow and make an appropriate patch for it.