Coding Period: Week 7

Published: 07/14/2019

Greetings everyone!  This is this update for this week. This is all about how I
hg abort finally added to Mercurial. I also sent PRs to evolve repository adding its support.

What did I do this week?

This week I improved hg abort further and finally got them accepted and merged. This marks the end of hg abort plan for Mercurial core repository.
It will now be shipped with Mercurial version
5.1. It is still marked EXPERIMENTAL though as there is still a little doubt regarding its perfectness.
Also, my patch for bug code 6160 was finally merged. Completing integration with the core I moved to  Mercurial's
evolve repository and added support for hg abort for hg evolve --abort and hg pick --abort [1][2][3]. These patches are still under review.
I also started my work on
hg continue and was able to develop a logic for it and also apply it for histedit.

What is coming up next?

This week I am planning to start sending patches on hg continue on Phabricator. Also I will try to apply it for the remaining commands in core and then move to evolve.
I also plan on getting my patches for
hg abort for evolve merged.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

I did get stuck a little when working with evolve repository but @av6 and @marmoute covered most of them for me. Besides that I wasn't stuck in something that was major.