Coding Period: Week 9

Published: 07/28/2019

Greetings everyone! Update for this week is as follows. In this phase, I sent the remaining patches required to complete hg continue support for core Mercurial repository.

What did I do this week?
As stated in the previous week I sent patches for hg continue for for graft, transplant and histedit. [1] [2] [3] [4]
I also created logic for hg transplant --abort[5] as asked by @Pulkit and added its support to hg abort plan [6]. These patches are still to be merged and under review.

What is coming up next?

This week I am planning to complete support for hg continue for evolve. Also, I will start my work on logic for hg update --abort which is one of the most demanded features for Mercurial.
My patches for
hg abort for evolve merged as they still left to get reviews as most of the people in the community are busy with the new version release.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

I did get stuck when I started with the logic for aborting a transplant but @Pulkit again helped me out of the situation and suggested that I should look into the recover method of the transplanter class.