GSoC Weekly Blog #3

Published: 07/06/2020

This week, I worked on completing the delete and edit message functionality and writing tests for them. I was able to complete these tasks and later worked on refactoring some part of the new code. I also made some small tweaks and fixes to the existing code base of mscolab. I was planning on redesigning the version window UI but I realised the redesign would take a lot of work in the backend and changes in database as well. I would need to talk to my mentors on how to proceed on this.

This week, I have a list of small tweaks that I need to do in the work I have finished till now. I will be working on those. I would also be talking with my mentors to confirm some requirements for the next component of my project which is the offline editing feature.

This week writing tests took me the most time. With very limited documentation it's kind of tough to write tests for PyQt5 but I was able to write them in the end. 

Currently my PR is awaiting approval from the mentors and will be merged soon.