GSoC Weekly Blog #4

Published: 07/20/2020

I spent the last week working mainly on search message and reply to a message functionality. The search message was a simple however, it took me quite some time to figure out how exactly I wanted to tackle the reply message functionality as there are multiple ways to do it. After completing these, I wrote some pending tests for file upload and then tests for search and reply. There were also some small bugs in the chat which I fixed. The PR is currently being reviewed by my mentors once it's merged my work for mscolab chat will be complete.

I had a long conversation with my mentors about the next component that I'll be working on that is local editing of flightpaths in mscolab. I cleared all my doubts about the requirements and will start working on that this week. After some deeper understanding of the code, I have found out the version system would require much more work than I first thought so I'll be working on it when some of the local flight editing work is done because the version window is related to it a little bit.

Last week I was stuck for a long time on a UI sizing issue with PyQT5 and have still not been able to fix it but I was able to put together a hack that works pretty well for now. If I get the time I'll tackle this issue later again and try to write a cleaner implementation.